After you pay your debts and household bills, you have to also think about groceries and other items. These expenses are mandatory because you have to live in reasonable comfort and you have to eat to survive. Many families would rather purchase their groceries in bulk in an attempt to lessen the costs, but does it really save money? Yes, there may be some grocery items that save money when purchased in bulk, but there are also others that don’t. Many Americans do their bulk shopping at Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club. These stores specialize in large quantity shopping for the consumer.  Let’s take a look whether it is worth your time and money to shop at these stores.

Comparing the Value versus the Price

Most traditional grocery stores will reveal the price of an item so that you can visibly see it. When this is done, you get to establish the price and make a determination of whether to put it in your shopping cart or not. You will be able to decide whether the price gives you a good deal, comparing the price of the item and the item quantity for each package. This includes the volume and the weight. Not because you see an item advertised as value pack means that it has the better value. At bulk shopping stores, it is not easy to do the comparison since sizes and brands at these stores are limited. It is best to assess the item cost by the unit size to get a realistic comparison. In order to do the comparison, you should be aware of the item’s cost in traditional stores.

Too Many Items

Many Americans purchase more than was their intention because of the psychological effect of being promised a discount if items are bought in bulk. In most cases, this also happens when consumers fail to write a shopping list and go to the store while they are hungry. Other reasons are the lack of planning a meal, pushing a shopping cart when you only need a basket or not managing the inventory in your pantry at home. It is best to go to any grocery store armed with a shopping list. Manage and maintain your inventory and plan your meals so you know what you need at the grocery store.

Wasting Food

Be careful what and how you buy. You shouldn’t purchase a gallon container filled with peanut butter or it may spoil. Some items should only be purchased at the traditional grocery store in smaller quantities to preserve and use it in a certain time period so it doesn’t spoil. Don’t purchase excess food than is necessary in your household. Food should have a fair amount of time for consumption.

The Bottom Line

It is OK to have a store card for a warehouse club like Sam’s Club or Costco. You have to take care in how often and how much you utilize your membership. Your membership savings is not a guarantee by just walking into the store. You have to weigh your options, do cost comparison and look at the value versus the price.